Our candidate for Cheshire PCC

21 Mar 2024

Paul Duffy will be the Liberal Democrat candidate for Cheshire in this year's Police & Crime Commissioner election.

Under the banner of "Let the police, police," Paul pledges unwavering commitment to combatting crime in all its forms. Recognizing the pressing issues of violent crime, including knife crime and violence against women, Paul vows to prioritize these critical areas, ensuring that our streets are safe for all residents. Drawing on years of experience and a deep understanding of local dynamics, Paul will work tirelessly to implement targeted strategies to address these specific challenges head-on.

With deep roots in the community, Paul brings a wealth of experience to the table. Married and parent of two, Paul understands the importance of building a secure environment for families to thrive. Moreover, Paul's tenure as a town councillor reflects a proven dedication to public service and a keen understanding of local governance.

Find out more about Paul here.