Nominate a Lib Dem hero

7 Aug 2023

Nominations are open for our annual North West Awards.

There are two: the President's Award and the Tony Greaves Award. Both are presented at Autumn Conference with a nomination deadline of 30 September.

Nomination is by one local party executive, or any five Lib Dem party members in the North West.

The President's Award is for long service (10 years +) for the party in a non-public-facing role, so the mainstay of a local party who has not gone on to be a Councillor or similar. We have presented this every year since the party was formed in 1988

The Tony Greaves Award is a new award introduced in 2021. It is given to a local party for a great grassroots campaign.

Nomination forms are - on a PC, right click and choose 'save'.