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North West calls for PrEP

At our regional conference last Saturday, North West Lib Dems passed policy in support of the provision of PrEP on the NHS. The motion read: Conference notes: A. There are currently over 100,000 people living with HIV in the UK alone. Last year Public Health England announced there were 6,151 new HIV diagnoses in 2014,3,360 of whom were men who […]

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Those responsible for the Rural Payments Agency scandal should be held to account

The Government must fully investigate how the Rural Payments Agency failed to pay tens of thousands of farmers. Although Liberal Democrats welcome efforts to digitise the process of RPA, doing so at a time when most rural areas have limited access to broadband was ridiculous. Rural Affairs spokesperson Mark Williams said: “Farmers across the country will not understand how on […]

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IP Bill a fundamental threat to freedom and liberty

Commenting ahead of the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson Alistair Carmichael MP said: “There are major changes needed. Every indication is that the Bill will remain incomprehensible, vague, and a gross attack on privacy. “The Home Secretary has shown a staggering disregard for Parliament with the speed she has brought this Bill forward. We do not […]

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Government spending millions on advertising rather than wages

The Government’s advertising for the National Living Wage campaign would pay for 372 people’s wages for the next year, Liberal Democrat research unearths. Liberal Democrats can reveal the Government is spending a total of £4.95 million on posters, adverts and social media to convince voters they have raised wages. Calculations carried out by the Liberal Democrats shows this would pay […]

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Tory web plans “sledgehammer to crack a nut”

Commenting on the Government proposals for age checks for pornographic websites, Liberal Democrat Media Spokesperson Jane Bonham Carter said: “In a free, democratic society the answer is not just to ban everything. This risks being another example of the Government using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. “The Government are jumping on poorly thought through proposals. Popular websites could easily fall foul […]

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