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Sir Gerald Kaufman R.I.P.

Official Statement from Manchester Gorton, Central and Blackley Liberal Democrats Sir Gerald Kaufman R.I.P. It is with great sadness that we heard of the death yesterday of Sir Gerald Kaufman, Member of Parliament for Manchester Gorton. I first met Sir Gerald over 30 years ago when he visited (then) Wright Robinson High School whilst I was studying in the sixth-form. […]

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Vote doubles in Copeland and Stoke

The Lib Dems more than doubled our share of the vote in both the Copeland and Stoke-on-Trent Central byelections yesterday. In Copeland, Rebecca Hanson’s campaign took us from 3% at the General Election to 7% – despite the “third party squeeze” effect of a tightly fought by-election with Labour and the Conservatives in a close contest. We moved up from […]

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Gains from Labour and Conservatives start 2017

The first principal council byelections of 2017 were on Thursday 12th January. Lib Dems gained both seats – one from the Tories and one from Labour. In the process we gained overall control of another council, Three Rivers – the first time we have taken power in a council since 2010. Gade Valley ward (Three Rivers council) result: Lib Dem: […]

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Don’t shrug your shoulders. Get involved.

Tim Farron’s Christmas message as shared with the readers of LibDemVoice, here. 2016 was a year when the unexpected happened. Britain voted for Brexit. Donald Trump is going to be President of America. Leicester City won the Premier League. So what you won’t get from me are any predictions for 2017. We go into the New Year surrounded by uncertainty. […]

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