May Election Campaigns Launched

“There is a secret phenomenon in British politics.” said Vince Cable today at the national launch of the Liberal Democrats’ campaigns for this May’s local elections. “It is occurring in by-elections all over the country, week in, week out, to local authorities from Sunderland to Somerset. “Against the Tories. Against Labour. In Leave areas. In Remain areas. “Since the general […]

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Two Weeks To Register

If you are not registered but want to be able to vote in the upcoming May council elections you have just two weeks to get yourself on the electoral roll. You only need to register once – you don’t need to register separately for every election – but you must register again if you’ve changed address, name or nationality. The […]

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Excess packaging around Easter Eggs leaves bitter taste in the mouth

Jo Swinson’s report, which outlines the use of plastics by all major Easter egg manufacturers, highlights the need for companies to cut down the use of plastics to protect our oceans and reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic waste ending up in landfills. Key findings of the report: • According to recent figures, 147.7 million hollow Easter Eggs are sold […]

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