New affordable homes in Kendal

Local Liberal Democrat councillors have welcomed a new development of 14 affordable homes in Kendal. The development at Dowkers Lane was built by Tyson Construction for South Lakes Housing. Local councillors Giles Archibald, Phil Dixon and Peter Thornton were shown around the homes with members of the local residents’ association. The homes are part of Liberal Democrat run South Lakeland […]

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Metro mayors add little to development of Greater Liverpool and Greater Manchester

The Leader of Liverpool’s Liberal Democrats, Cllr Richard Kemp CBE, argued at the Party’s North West Conference this Saturday that the Region’s 2 Metro Mayors are adding nothing but cost and bureaucracy to the local government arrangements that existed before they were elected last year. Cllr Kemp said, “In the past few days we have been treated to pictures from […]

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North West Conference

North West Region spring conference is in Liverpool this Saturday. Speakers include Lord Roberts of Llandudno, Lord Storey of Childwall, Alisha Lewis, Cllr Richard Kemp and Lib Dem candidate in the byelection that never was Jackie Pearcey. It’s open to all members – and all members have a vote in policy decisions. Find out more here and join us there!

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Farron: ‘Flood defence plans are in vain unless water companies are held to a higher standard’

Tim Farron MP

South Lakes Lib Dem MP Tim Farron says that new multi-million-pound flood defence schemes along the River Kent could be in vain if the Government fail to hold water companies to a higher standard. At the moment, while the Environment Agency’s standard for all new flood defences is to withstand a one in 100-year rainfall event, the industry standard for […]

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