France: Liberal Gain

For the first time since the current Republic was formed in 1958 a French Presidential Election has been won by a candidate who is not from the ‘two main parties’ – Republicans and Socialists. Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche! party was formed just over a year ago to fill the gap for a centre ground Liberal party in France. Yesterday he […]

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Gorton is a chance for Manchester to say no to hard Brexit

As the Prime Minister prepares to trigger Article 50 tomorrow, the Liberal Democrats have emphasised that it is still possible for people to stop a Hard Brexit and that the by-election in Manchester Gorton will be a chance to force Labour and the Government to “change course.” The date for the Manchester Gorton by-election was set today for the 4th May. The […]

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Protect Student Exchange from Brexit

Student exchange in Greater Manchester must be protected from Brexit as thousands are set to lose out, say Lib Dems.     Greater Manchester’s top Liberal Democrats have called on the Government to protect the student exchange programme.     Mayoral candidate Jane Brophy: “I will fight against this brutal Brexit agenda every single step of the way.”     Former MP John […]

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