Universal Credit will drive up homelessness

The Government’s roll-out of Universal Credit risks causing chaos in the rental market and increased homelessness. It’s time for urgent reform, writes Stephen Lloyd MP. The Conservative’s roll out of Universal Credit risks driving up homelessness. That’s what I will warn in a debate in Westminster Hall this morning. Without urgent reform of the housing benefit element of Universal Credit, disaster will occur in […]

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19% rise in EU academics resigning from UK universities since Brexit

Layla Moran MP

There has been an alarming rise in EU academics leaving our universities – and it’s the latest sign of a damaging Brexodus, says Layla Moran MP. Almost 2,350 academics from the EU have resigned from UK universities in the past year, research by the Liberal Democrats has revealed. That’s up 19% from 1,975 two years ago (i.e. before the Brexit […]

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Labour leadership’s Brexit fudge has “run out of time”

Vince Cable says: “Time has run out. The Labour party can no longer ignore their responsibility as the official opposition and allow the Conservatives to pursue an economically damaging hard Brexit.” On Monday, Parliament will return from recess and debate the Taxation (Cross-Border trade) Bill. This sets the ground to pull the UK out of the existing Customs Union. Labour’s […]

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11,000 homes across UK empty for ten years

Over 11,000 homes across the country have been sitting empty for ten years or more. At a time when the homelessness crisis is worsening and more and more people are sleeping out in the cold on our streets, it is a national scandal that thousands of homes across the country are sitting empty. The figures, uncovered through Freedom of Information […]

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