Lib Dem surge in Morecambe

The Lib Dem vote surged in Morecambe North today in a byelection to Lancashire County Council.

Conservatives: 49.0% (-14.2%) – hold.
Lib Dem – Andrew Severn: 29.7% (+21.6%)
Labour: 21.3% (-0.7%)

Congratulations to Andrew Severn and the local team there on a great result to build on next time, and thanks to all the voters who gave Andrew their support.  Elsewhere the Lib Dems gained three council seats from the Conservatives this week – two on Teignbridge and one on North Norfolk, with Lib Dem vote shares up by 47%, 39% and 28%..

And there were big surges of support in York (up 19.5%) and West Oxfordshire (up 18.9%).