Paltry £400m means North is left in the dark

Responding to Philip Hammond’s promise of £400m for transport in the Northern Powerhouse, former Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said: 

“At the beginning of his speech Hammond made it clear that he thought Manchester is in the North East. Maybe the Conservatives also think Cumbria is in Sweden? It would explain why they’ve stopped giving us any money.

“£400m is a paltry amount in the wider scheme of things. Hammond knows that far from powering the North the Conservatives in Westminster are struggling to keep the lights on.

“This announcement comes whilst the government are announcing the shelving of other infrastructure investment across the North, project which would have cost a pittance compared to HS2. This just goes to show that once again the Conservatives continue to do all they can to prove that they don’t care about the North.”

“Under the Conservatives the North is being left in the dark.”