New Team for 2018

Following our Annual General Meeting in Lancaster the new team have been elected to lead the Regional Party next year. They take office from 1st January 2018.

The new Chair is former Manchester Gorton byelection candidate Jackie Pearcey – pictured. Gordon Lishman continues as Treasurer while Neil Christian moves from the role of VC S&P to Secretary.

Former parliamentarians Mark Hunter and Chris Davies step aside after their terms as Chair and Secretary.


Officer Team:

Chair: Jackie Pearcey
Treasurer: Gordon Lishman
Secretary: Neil Christian

Campaigns: Iain Donaldson
Candidates: Bruce Hubbard
Conferences: Tim Young
Membership, Diversity & Inclusion: John Skipworth
Policy: Andrew Haldane
Standards & Practice: Natalie Bird

General Executive Members (block election – places reserved for county representation)

Sam Al-Hamdani
Sally Ashe (GM)
Kevan Benfold (L)
Vincent Brindle (L)
Jane Brophy (GM)
Mark Clayton
Stan Collins (Cu)
Victoria Downie (M)
Bethany Frost (L)
Charles Gibson (GM)
Gitanjali Gordon (L)
Val Jay (M)
Chris Lovell (GM)
Paul Roberts (Ch)
Nigel Sarbutts (GM)
Lisa Smart (GM)
Shehnaz Somjee (M)
Hilary Stephenson (GM)
John Studholme
Lynne Thompson (GM)

Candidates Committee – elected section

Val Jay
Paul Roberts
Tim Young

English Council

Natalie Bird
Neil Christian
Stan Collins
Iain Donaldson
Charles Gibson
Gitanjali Gordon
Andrew Haldane
Gordon Lishman
John Skipworth
Shehnaz Somjee
Jen Yockney
Tim Young