The Government doesn’t have a plan A – let alone a plan B

Today’s calls by Mervyn King, former governor of the Bank of England, for the government to come up with a “Brexit fallback” if negotiations with the EU27 end with no deal should be a wake-up call to this Conservative Brexit Government, says Lib Dem Leader Vince Cable MP.

Anyone who has been following the Brexit debate knows that Mervyn King is a highly respected economist who deserves to be listened to.

Not unreasonably he says there needs to be a plan B.

The problem is that the government doesn’t even have a plan A. He is right to question why ministers have wasted an entire year arguing among themselves with Theresa May wanting to leave the single market and Philip Hammond sensibly wanting to stay in.

If we are to have a plan A, let alone a plan B, ministers need to act, and fast.

We can’t expect civil servants to solve the problem – they need political leadership, and so far there has been none.