Don’t shrug your shoulders. Get involved.

Tim Farron’s Christmas message as shared with the readers of LibDemVoice, here.

2016 was a year when the unexpected happened.

Britain voted for Brexit. Donald Trump is going to be President of America. Leicester City won the Premier League.

So what you won’t get from me are any predictions for 2017.

We go into the New Year surrounded by uncertainty.

The Government has no plan for Brexit. No plan for life outside the Single Market.

Our NHS and social care system is in crisis.

We have a refugee crisis on our doorstep.

There is widespread insecurity in our economy, in our world and in the lives of too many of our fellow citizens.

If you believe, as I do, that Britain is at its best when it is open, tolerant and united, then 2017 is a year when you must make your voice heard.

So if you feel uncertain or anxious about the way our country and our world is going.

If you worry that the government is embarking on the most extreme, divisive version of Brexit possible, ripping us out of the Single Market with no regard for the impact on the lives and livelihoods of millions of our fellow citizens.

If you are fed up with a Labour Party that would rather fight with itself than hold the Conservatives to account.

Then join the real voice of opposition.

Don’t shrug your shoulders. Don’t look the other way. Get involved.

Every day, the Liberal Democrats are leading the opposition to the government – whether it is over Brexit or the under-funding of our NHS and social care.

Every day, the Liberal Democrats are fighting for a Britain that is open, tolerant and united.

And every day, people who believe what you believe are joining us.

So. join us. And together we can make 2017 a year for optimism.

Happy New Year.