Voters Deserve Their Say On Brexit

Following the Labour/Tory vote in Parliament last night for invoking Article 50 early in 2017 and beginning the process toward Brexit, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron MP tweeted:

Tim also said,

He told the BBC, following a meeting with the EU’s lead negotiator on Brexit Guy Verhofstadt MEP, that “we discussed whether Article 50 can be revoked, and my conclusion is that if there is the political will, it would be possible to do so.”

Tim added that the British people “deserve more than a deal imposed on them by Westminster or Brussels”.

The vote in the Commons saw the Liberal Democrats, SNP, Plaid Cymru, SDLP, Green, a handful of Labour MPs and one Conservative voting against the proposal for a quick Brexit plan with no further say for the people.

However the rest of the Conservative and Labour parties supporting the plan meaning it passed 461 votes to 89. In a second vote MPs agreed that there should be some Parliamentary scrutiny of the process.