Farron welcomes a year of election gains

With three more principal council gains for the Lib Dems last night, and another gain on a town council, the Lib Dems have gained more than 70 council seats between May’s council elections and byelections held through the course of this year. Meanwhile Labour, Conservatives and Greens have all seen net losses.

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron MP commented today, “It has been a fantastic year for the Liberal Democrats in local elections. 28 (byelection) gains is a stunning result and reflects the hard work our local councillors and local parties put into our communities.

“The Liberal Democrats are winning again – we are making gains in local government, and winning parliamentary byelections too.

“After the 2015 election, I was clear that the Liberal Democrats would redouble our efforts and fightback – and that isn’t just in Westminster.  As we are seeing, communities across the country are backing the Liberal Democrats who are now the real opposition to this Conservative government.”