Lib Dems Deliver: Environment

Plastic bag use has plummeted in England since the introduction of a 5p charge last year, one of the policies the Liberal Democrats brought to the coalition government.

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron commented on the news, “We always said the test of this policy would be the amounts of bags that are cut from public consumption and the funds raised for charities – on both these tests this policy has passed.

“I want to pay tribute to Kate Parminter who fought tirelessly for this policy and today’s figures are a testament to her.  It was down to Liberal Democrats in Government that this policy happened – we announced it at our 2013 conference and we are now seeing what a huge impact it has had.

“The facts are simple: single use bags blight our towns and countryside, they trap and suffocate wildlife, and plastic bags take hundreds of years to degrade.  These figures show that this policy is starting to stop that.”

Pictured: Baroness Kate Parminter who led the change in the law to bring in the 5p charge