Lib Dems Deliver: Flexible Childcare

The Government have made concessions in the Childcare Bill that take on board the demands around flexibility in free childcare from the Liberal Democrat benches. 

Lib Dem Peers defeated the Government when the Bill was passing through the Lords and, now it has returned, they have introduced their own changes to the Bill which take into account the Lib Dem proposals and introduce a more flexible approach to childcare.

Following the announcement Lib Dem peer Kath Pinnock said:

“One of the biggest worries for working parents is finding high quality and affordable childcare. It is also one of the biggest barriers, especially for women, to getting back into work.

“We have now had a serious response to our arguments that parents needed childcare to be flexible.

“This is one small win for us and one major win for parents and their children.”

Kath has written an article on the victory here.