Cumbria: Lib Dems up 22%

There were some great council byelection results for Lib Dems last night.

Here in the North West we had a near miss in Cumbria: Greystoke and Hesket

Con 635 55.1% (+2.2%)
Lib Dem – Judith Derbyshire – 518 44.9% (+22.1%)

Thankyou to everyone who gave us their vote there and congratulations to Judith and her team on a brilliant result. Both vote shares are up as last time it was a 3-cornered contest with UKIP taking second place.

Elsewhere last night the Lib Dems gained a seat from Labour in Wrexham (Lib Dems 52.2% , Lab 26.3%) and made a gain on Rother council from the Conservatives (Lib Dems 57.8%, Con 26.3%)

We also won a byelection in Kingston where the Conservatives had won that council ward in May – Lib Dems were up 27.8% compared to the May result