County Council Elections Results

The headlines about the results of Thursday’s County Council elections might make you think UKIP swept the board – not here in the North West!

In our region the Lib Dems ended up down just one seat, from 23 to 22, while UKIP failed to take a single seat, the BNP were wiped out and the Greens were reduced to just one remaining County Councillor.

In Cumbria we gained two seats overall, taking us to 16 councillors out of 84.  Cumbria county council is once again balanced – last time there was a Labour-Conservative coalition, the next few days will see negotiations between each of the parties.

In Lancashire we finished on 6 seats out of 84, down from 9 beforehand.  The Conservatives lost overall control, and as in Cumbria there will now be negotiations between the different political groups.