Liberal Democrats: in government on your side

Nearly two years ago, Liberal Democrats chose to do the right thing for the good of the country at a time of crisis.

Liberal Democrats didn’t come into politics to make cuts, but with the economy on the brink of collapse we knew we had to get the debt under control and the country back on track.

But there is more to this Coalition Government than cuts.

We’re all feeling the squeeze, but Liberal Democrats are in government, on your side. We’re offering you real practical help whether you are young or old.

The best way to give children a fair start in life is to help those who need it most when they need it the most — in the crucial early years and through their school lives.

That’s why Liberal Democrats are giving free early years education to all disadvantaged two-year-olds and extending it for all three and four year olds.

And the Liberal Democrat Pupil Premium is leading a revolution in schools, making sure children get the support they need to stop them falling behind in class.

For those a little older, we are determined to make sure young people have the skills they need to help them enter the world of work.

That’s why Nick Clegg launched the £1bn Youth Contract, to give all 18 to 24-year-olds the opportunity to earn or learn.

And it’s why Vince Cable is delivering more apprenticeships than Britain has ever had before.

For those of you in work, raising families and wrestling with bills that seem to go up and up, Liberal Democrats are on your side.

We have cut your taxes by £200, with another £130 tax cut coming next month. And we are pushing to go much further, putting more money back in your pockets.

Liberal Democrat tax cuts – not for the rich – for 23m working people.

And if your working life is over, Liberal Democrats are helping you too.

Thanks to the Liberal Democrat pensions triple lock, those receiving the Basic State Pension will get the most generous rise in a generation — an increase of £5.30 next month.

We know times are tough.

That’s why, as we clear up the mess the Labour Government left behind, Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government are determined to do the right thing and give you real help in tough times.

Liberal Democrats are in government, on your side.